Ramadan and COVID-19

Sadly, there will be no iftars at the Hoda Center. We are asking those families who sponsored an iftar and everyone in the community to help with our virtual Ramadan fundraising campaigns.

During these challenging times, we need to help members of our community. The Hoda Center has established a COVID-19 Community Relief Fund to provide funds to those in need to help pay for food, utilities, rent, etc.

In addition, 80% of the Hoda Center annual budget comes from Ramadan fundraising and this year we will be fundraising virtually. Please continue to support the Hoda Center as we continue to support the community during these difficult times.

To donate to the COVID-19 Community Relief Fund and the Hoda Center:

Credit card (confidential/secure): You can email (hodacenter@hotmail.com) or text (352-256-0020) the following information:

Card number, month/year of expiration, CVV code (3 digits on back of card), zip code, your name, and email/cell number to receive a receipt


Check: Please mail checks to this address only:

Hoda Center
5745 SW 75th Street #171
Gainesville Fl 32608

As we are about to enter the month of Ramadan during the coronavirus pandemic, masajid worldwide will not be open during this blessed month. As a community here in Gainesville, we are hoping to read the Quran in its entirety together during the month of Ramadan. A few members from our community will be leading a Quran reading every night after Ishaa’ prayer through zoom. This will not replace a person’s taraweeh prayers, and we encourage you to pray Taraweeh in your homes with your families. This is only to have a community khatm (completion) of the Qur’an. The Qur’an reading will start after Ishaa prayer on April 23rd at 9:45 PM. We will be reading one Juz’ a night for the entire month of Ramadan insha'Allah. More details to follow.